Nicole Seifert works mostly in acrylic—sometimes crossing over into oils and watercolor. Her paintings may incorporate gold leaf or molding to transfer her sense of texture and movement onto the canvas.

Mother Nature Herself is Nicole’s primary inspiration. Her work is a projection of the most basic, and powerful, senses the natural world evokes. Her work is a visual manifestation of the calm before a storm, the energy of a wave into a shoreline, the swirling of newly strewn clouds—while as motionless as a damp morning before being visited by a soft breeze when light first emerges.

Nicole lives in historic Old Town Alexandria with her husband and their two children. If asked, Nicole may describe her paintings as rough edges with a soft core. They seek the balance of serenity and chaos permeating a rich life through which her medium may be rendered thoughtful and heartening.


Find Nicole Seifert and her work here:

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